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iPhone 5C Slim Magnetic Leather Wallet Case - Pink

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iPhone 5C Slim Magnetic Leather Wallet Case - Pink
  • Seamless and secure magnetic closure keeps phone slim.
  • Super slim wallet design, complements iPhone 5C
  • Viewing stand perfect for hands-free use
  • Integrated slots for safekeeping your cards
  • Soft padded PU leather with sheer sheen finish


The iPhone 5C Pink Slim Magnetic Wallet is a classic fold out wallet cover with an upgraded twist. Constructed from a durable PU Leather fabric, which essentially cushions your phone from the impact of knocks and drops whilst remaining stylish, due to its slim profile and sheer gloss finish.  

Housing the entirety of your phone, the protective interior is soft on your phones screen whilst the back, sides and edges are encased in a flexible gel holder that keeps your phone steadily in place and provides a second element of protection. The seamless magnetic closure is the highlight of the case as it helps maintain the natural slim elegance of the iPhone 5C whilst ensuring a secure confinement for your device.


There is no interference with the functionality of the iPhone, in fact this case only enhances it with the inclusion of card storage slots and a collapsible viewing stand, that is brilliantly convenient for hands-free use. Easily access all charge ports, cameras and buttons with the precision cut out holes and get the best out of your phone with its protection covered.