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10,000mAh Dual Port LED Indicator Powerbank - Black

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10,000mAh Dual Port LED Indicator Powerbank - Black
  • Powerful backup battery: Li-ion battery 10050 mAh.
  • Compact and light: Card-10 is the smallest UMB as of January 2017.
  • Ultra-fast USB ports: charge USB powered devices with two USB ports.
  • Simultaneous charging: the product can simultaneously charge 2 USB devices, providing the maximum speed in both cases.
  • Compatibility: Card-10 is compatible with all USB-smartphones and tablets.
  • Safety and reliability: UMB is equipped with protection against overload and short circuit.

World's Smallest Power Bank:

The Card 10-LT Ultra-Compact power bank is incredibly petite considering its huge capacity. With a Huge capacity at a size that would be comfortable in most pockets, say goodbye to carrying around huge blocks of power and hello to portability. This Powerful 10050mAh Li-ion backup battery provides you with complete freedom to charge your smartphone or tablet anywhere.

Impressive 10050mah Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery:

Fully charge almost any smartphone and Tablet with this Promate Card-10LT universal fast charging pack. Featuring a huge 10,050mAh capacity, it is powerful enough to charge Multiple Times for any Smartphone and Tablets fully. Featuring a built-in USB port, the Promate charger will recharge any device that charges via a USB cable.

Dual 2.1A USB Outputs Support Simultaneous Smartphone and Tablet Recharging:

An outstanding feature of the Promate portable charger is that it includes two USB ports, both coming complete with a 2.1 Amp output for super-fast charging. This means you can use it to simultaneously charge a smartphone as well as tablet devices including the iPad Air 2 or Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. You can even charge two tablets at the same, making this one of the most versatile portable chargers on the market today.

An Outstanding feature of this Portable Charger is that It includes Two USB Outputs, of 2.1A. This means you can use It to charge devices simultaneously like Smartphone as well as Tablet.

Dedicated Lightning and Micro USB inputs:
The Card-10LT can be recharged using either Lightning cable or micro USB cable. Now you can conveniently use the same cable to charge your phone and external battery.

Automatic Voltage Regulation:

Promate Card-10LT Features Smart Charging Circuitry to Provide Your Device with The Perfect Amount of Power for a Quick but Safe Charge.

Universal Charging Compatibility:

Keep your devices charged on the go with dual USB charging ports. Equipped with built-in led battery indicator. Designed to work with all popular USB powered devices from iPhones to Android phones, Tablets, Photography gear, Bluetooth Devices, Headphones and more. Whatever USB powered gear you have got, we have got you covered.